Who We Are

Will McCall is a sophomore at Dartmouth College pursing a bachelor’s in computer science and psychology. He is also a graduate of Greens Farms Academy.

Will McCall

Originally from Westport, Connecticut, Will has experience tutoring for both Varsity Tutors and Dartmouth College. In addition, he tutored in 3D printing for over 6 years at his local library, and also volunteered in his high school math and writing centers. Will is the recipient of multiple awards including the GlaD prize for creativity in mathematics, FAA scholar athlete award, and the Dartmouth book award. In his free time, Will enjoys running, playing soccer, and listening to music. Will offers instruction in:

Math: Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Science: AP Physics 1,2
Computers: AP Computer Science A, Java, Python, 3D printing, Mac computer skills, Minecraft
English: Essay editing (all levels), reading comprehension, public speaking
College prep: ACT, college application essays, Common App formatting
General skills: Study skills, academic coaching
Foreign Languages:

Above all, Will seeks to make every session fun, engaging, and interesting.  Will understands that every student is different and is more than happy to adapt to your individual needs to reach your goals.

Ethan Pritchard is a rising sophomore at Northwestern University pursuing a degree in social policy and integrated marketing communication. He is also a graduate of Hopkins School.

Ethan Pritchard

During his high school years, Ethan tutored fellow students in reading comprehension and writing skills and acted as a senior mentor for a group of incoming freshmen. After graduating, Ethan attended the University of Richmond, where he served as a member of the school’s Honor Council and earned Dean’s List honors each semester. He transferred to Northwestern University for the fall of 2020 with the intention of pursuing a degree in Social Policy, expanding his academic network, and watching some BIG10 basketball.

With test-prep experience ranging from the ACT to SAT Subject Tests to AP Exams and an extensive background in academic writing, reading comprehension, and social studies, Ethan is looking forward to tutoring in the following subjects:

English: Essay consulting (all levels), reading comprehension
College prep: ACT, college application essays, Common App formatting
Social Sciences: Economics, sociology
Language: Basic French
Math: Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry
Science: AP Physics 1
Computers: Basic Python, Mac computer skills, Minecraft

With a successful track record in standardized testing and a deep-rooted interest in and aptitude for English, history, and social sciences, Ethan is excited to put his knowledge and expertise to use by helping younger students reach their potential.